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The store is currently closed please check back in 2018 for new offerings. Thank you for your support and best wishes for the New Year!
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Primitive Finished Feedsack Luminaries

Be sure to check out the Bulk Buy Page
for some great pricing on Feedsacks
before you place your order!
Feedsacks pictured are all approximately 6" x 8" when fully
opened, unless I`ve specified otherwise.
Most can be stitched as pictured or in a shorter pouch version
(great for lamps or for filling with goodies). You will
receive the taller version unless you specifically request
otherwise. Bags are aged to old time primfection and stiffened
with a waxy blend.
They make a great centerpiece with a quart canning jar of
herbs and wildflowers tucked away inside. Some of the other
things I`ve used them for... candle jar coverups, pantry bags,
clutter catchers, luminary bags with a silicone candle
flickering inside, and really sweet little gift bags.
Do email me if you have any questions. The designs pictured on this page are for
my own use and are not for sale, because I supply many stores on a wholesale basis.


PLEASE NOTE the ones you find at Teaberry Treasures are flagrant copies of my work, right down to many of the words and art, as revenge for my leaving her store.   So typical of the things I witnessed while there!!! Sad that a former friend has to grab copyrighted designs and concepts that have supported my family for 14 years, a well known fact in the primitive world and by my local followers. It simply reinforces how glad I am to have left there and how important it is to choose your friends and places to display your art work wisely... 

Mothers Cupboard
Chicken Soup Feedsack
Woolwalkers Feedsack
Farmhouse Christmas Feedsack
Ravens Spice Feedsack
Black Cat Feedsack
TomTom Turkey Feedsack
Dancing Bunny Feedsack
Goosewater Laundry Feedsack
Squirreltree Feedsack
Oaktree Critter Mix Feedsack
Mayflower Cornmeal Feedsack
Merrymakers Feedsack
Wynterwoods Woolies Feedsack
Witch Potions Feedsack
Pineywoods Feedsack
Prim Pantry Feedsack
Bruume Shop Feedsack
Merry Twinklers Feedsack
Jack Be Nimble Feedsack
Cupid Arrows Feedsack
Valentine Candy Feedsack
Log Cabin Feedsack
Pebbledowne Porridge Feedsack
Bats in the Belfry Feedsack
Sleighbelle Reindeer Feedsack
Irish Ale Feedsack
Sunflower Feedsack
Welcome Pineapple Feedsack
Nicks Coal Feedsack
Pilgrim Valley Feedsack
Scarecrow Feedsack
Snowshoe Cocoa Feedsack
Pumpkin Seeds Feedsack
Witchy Tea Feedsack
Hares Harvest Feedsack
Rooster Pellets Feedsack
Olde Meddowe Feedsack
Rooster Run Feedsack
Blooms and Moons Feedsack
Olde Wheelbarrow Feedsack
Blessings Bread Feedsack
New England Icehouse Feedsack
Jingle Junction Feedsack
Olde Man Wynters Feedsack
Prairie Pride Feedsack
Meadow Mouse Feedsack
Hoot Owl Feedsack
Beanes Coffee Feedsack
Hanns Garden Feedsack
Olde Lantern Feedsack
Needlers Emery Feedsack
Olde Crow Feedsack
Bee Skep Feedsack
Goats Ration Feedsack
Mincemeat Feedsack
Powder Room Feedsack
Watermelon Girl Feedsack
Olde Liberty Seeds Feedsack
Shepherds Meddowe Feedsack
Witch s Brew Feedsack
Fancyweathers Feedsack
Sewing Machine Feedsack
Turkey Brand Feedsack
Father Frost Feedsack
Fairweather Farms Feedsack
Tabbersons Catnip Feedsack
Frosty Weathers Feedsack
Cold Spring Feedsack
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